During the course of the recent 63 64 65 combined reunion I made contact with several of our teachers. The last reunion we had 5 teachers attend and this time Mr. Wilson and Ms. Hoover were the only ones able to join us.

Mr.Wilson is well and is now 80 and still lives in the same house he did while teaching at Cumberland.

Ms. Hoover lives in Hendersonville and when she left Cumberland she taught at Hendersonville high for 25 years.

I talked with Coach Adcock and learned that he had recently been very sick and he stated to me he almost died.

I spoke with Coach Duncan and his wife had recently fallen and broken her hip and he was taking care of her.

I talked with Coach Mayernick and he had retired but was still substitute teaches.

I learned that Jeri Taylor has been sick and learned that Mr. Tom Hightower has passed away.

Mr. Carter has been making frequent visits to Mr. Hancock who is at home battling cancer.

Mr. Hancock refused treatment and is home with Hospice care. Several weeks before the reunion, Mr. Wilson and I visited Mr. Hancock. He was glad to see us and although he was very weak his mind was sharp and we laughed and shared stories about ole Cumberland High. He stated that Cumberland was very special to him because it was his first assignment as principal. He had been assistant Principal at 2 previous schools before coming to Cumberland. Mr. Wilson and I had made a plan to provide Mr. Hancock transportation to and from the reunion if his health permitted. He was excited and was going to attempt the visit. Two days prior to the event, I made contact and learned that his condition had declined and he was unable to attend. Several months ago I put out a mail request to Mr. Hancock from Cumberland students and many responed and he was very happy with the cards and letters. If you would like to send him a card or a note I know he will appreciste it..His address is

A.D. Hancock
401 Bowling Avenue
Nashville, TN 37205

I will keep everyone informed of Mr. Hancocks condition.

Dave Barfield Class 64
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